When we consult, we do the same based on the urgency and magnitude of the needs of our clients.
Is it an overall transformation of a plant? Does a key process need to be corrected? Or, is it a one-off intervention to solve a burning issue? Discovering answers to questions such as these help determine the nature of consulting to be offered. Based on assignments handled in the past and the general nature of consulting requirements, we offer on-site and online consulting alternatives.

Advisory & Consulting Interventions

Plant Assessment & Gap Analysis
Strategy Deployment
Six Sigma Deployment
Lean Deployment
Kaizen Event Drive
Foot Print Optimization
Customer Satisfaction Improvement
Customer Complaint Reduction
Process Improvement Intervention


On-Site Consulting
Typically and as defined in our engagement model, our on-site consulting begins with a project-location visit, establishing familiarity on the need and conducting an audit if required. This is followed by putting a team in place to employ the 5 stages of deployment. While the model may emphasize on overall direction to be sought out, in practice it can be as dynamic and flexible as the need might warrant. For example, a Lean manufacturing implementation model will depend on the client’s vision and strategic objectives while also taking into consideration other important factors.


Online Consulting

Online consulting is our consultation services offered via connected options: Skype, video-conferencing, Emails and phone calls. Here, we listen to your problems and challenges and then work towards coming up with solutions and strategies for necessary improvements. Project progress is ensured by coaching a chosen team over the phone or via Skype. This is also where the BeyondZ barometer can be used for picking templates to address specific or general needs. Our online consultation services are ideal  when visits to facilities need to be kept to a bare minimum.


Engagement Model

Our engagement model thrives on a 5-step approach, as shown in the diagram. We dwell on the details with managers to finalize the scope of the project and identify a team required for project execution. The chosen team will be mentored and supported through the five stages



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