Our involvement with you can occur via three different and proven paths: Training, Consulting and Operational Coaching.


If you happen to be a large company, we begin with personnel training and then mentor trained candidates to get the most out of project implementation processes. If you happen to be a small company, tools and techniques are imparted during project execution phases which are when the same can be most appropriate.


In all cases and irrespective of intervention types, our prime focus revolve around building capabilities from within your organization, being your trusted advisor and catering to needs that best suit process and business objectives.


Learning and Development: 


With greater demand of training by corporates and to ensure continuous research and upgradation of our training programs, we have now three specific training divisions. Operational Excellence; Shop Floor Excellence and Personal Excellence. More details of each is in the drop-down menu of “Training”.



Operational Excellence:


Under OpEx we have training programs such as Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Kaizen Facilitator Training, Transformation using VSM, Policy Deployment, Data Analysis and Statistical Inference, Problem Solving Techniques, Statistical Analysis using Minitab

The Operational Excellence Programs are also offered online for local and global clients.


Shop Floor Excellence:


Under the Shop Floor Excellence section, we have programs focused on developing operators and supervisors.

The topics covered are Industrial Safety & Ergonomics, Industrial Discipline/ Behavior, Interpersonal & Communication Skills, 5S & Visual Management, Quality & Quality Systems, QC Tools & Improvement Methodologies, Metrology & MSA, Basic Electrical & Electronics, Introduction to Lean & Kaizen, Sexual Harassment Prevention, Elementary First Aid & Emergency Response, Life Skills, Values & Ethics


Personal Excellence:


The focus in this section is on soft skills and leadership development of engineers, managers and leaders.

The topics covered are Self-Awareness, Effective Teams/Team Dynamics/Team Building Employee Relationship Management, Handling difficult situations, Negotiation/Influencing Skills, Diplomatic Communication, Conflict Management, Stress Management/Resilience, Time Management, Quality Awareness, Business Communication, Presentation Skills, Emotional Intelligence

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