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Reduce WIP And In-Process Defects For A Manufacturing Plant In China

High rejections and WIP



 In this case the manufacturing line consisted of operators sitting in a row on either side of a long table with welding components viewed under a microscope. The welded parts were placed on the table and moved to an inspector at the farther end of the long table. At the outset, the process itself was a challenge as the operation was strenuous and needed high levels of skill. From a Lean point of view, the process not only led to high rejections but also excess work in process (WIP), as several parts were waiting to be cleared by the inspector sitting at the end of the row. The delay in inspection and the inability to identify the operator who produced defective parts was the major issue. We had to reduce the waiting window for inspection (window of waste) in order to reduce WIP and provide adequate feedback to operators. The issue at hand and what solution we needed were clear, but the difficulty lay in getting there. At first look, automation of the entire process may have seemed like the obvious solution but under the then current business scenario there were no funds allocated for any major change.



Brainstorming on the issue and out of the box thinking was the key to find a solution in this case. We changed the straight line to a square, where we moved the inspector to the center of the square and each operator directly handed over the finished parts to the inspector, thereby almost eliminating the window of waste.



total inventory of all cells put together reduced from 40,000 pieces to 10,000 pieces, as the parts waiting for inspection became negligible. Since the feedback from the quality inspector to the operators was immediate, it helped the operators correct and improve output, thereby obtaining a 70% improvement in quality (the defect ppm reduced from 12,000 to 3500). The annualized savings from this project was $200 K.

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  • Trained by Mckinsey Consultants as a Lean Practitioner, Rock Hill-USA
  • Certified MBB in Lean and Six Sigma by SBTI, Texas.
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Jaibheem Deshpande, Vice President- BD (Training Division)

Jaibheem Deshpande has more than three decades of professional experience. His expertise is in driving Shop Floor Excellence and working with young managers to enable both process improvement and continuous people development. During the last three decades Jaibheem worked in multiple roles in Operations, People development and as Human Resource Manager in many multinational companies, including the TVS group and in CK Birla Group heading Learning and Development for two plants.

He has the unique combination of Technical and Human Resource domain specialisation and has delivered superior results to organizations by being a solid business partner to business heads and CEO. He is very passionate about People Development and in Mentoring individuals and groups. He has received several awards during his career and is certified in Out bound training and Facilitation


Abraham has more than two decades of experience in Quality Management and Operations, including designing quality, environmental and health & safety management systems, managing industrial engineering activities and heading a Plant.  He is an expert auditor of quality systems and in working with teams to implement robust processes that is sustainable.  Having worked in Aerospace and Automotive industry he understands the Industry requirements and is very meticulous in his approach in implementing the required standards.  He is also a trained Lean practitioner and support training and implementing Lean Manufacturing Systems. He also conducts Yellow belt Six Sigma training and supports Green belt training.

M.BALAJI, Principal Consultant, Management Systems

Balaji is a Mechanical Engineer with four decades of experience with the last thirteen years in Management consultancy.  His expertise is in Management Systems, with extensive experience in training, auditing and supporting implementation of Quality and Environmental Management systems.  He is also a qualified tool designer from NTTF and GTTC.

Balaji keeps abreast of the latest changes in international standards for implementing quality management systems and is a Lead Auditor for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 22163. Also auditor for  IATF 16949.  He is a  Lead Assessor for EXIM Bank award for Business Excellence model .  With more than a decade of experience in management consulting, he has conducted 600 man-days of training and 250 man-days of audits; working with more than 35 clients.

Pradeep Kumar, Chief Executive

Pradeep Kumar has about three decades of professional experience against his name.  With multi-location and multi-cultural exposure paired with a Master Black Belt in Six Sigma & Lean, Pradeep’s core expertise comes from over a decade of specialization in a large multinational manufacturing company. He is a Certified MBB in Lean and Six Sigma by SBTI, Texas and trained by Mckinsey Consultants as a Lean Practitioner in Rock Hill-USA.

He currently works with large multinational companies, helping them drive Operational Excellence and implement lean strategies. Pradeep also guides senior leadership towards excellence in execution. He has trained candidates in Lean & Six Sigma in India, China, Japan, Thailand, Europe, Middle East, Sri Lanka and the USA; and mentored more than 500 Engineers and Managers in Lean & Six Sigma in India and overseas.  His expertise lies in understanding gaps in current systems, designing more effective processes and mentoring teams to swiftly achieve organizational goals