When UL launched the Lean Six Sigma workshops in India, Beyond Z was identified as the channel partner.  With the excellent support from Beyond Z in planning and execution of the programs, we were very successful in running open house and in house programs.  The participant feedback was very positive.

Beyond Z was identified as the key consulting company supporting all our Operational Excellence initiatives, including Green Belt Training, Hoshin Kanri Policy Deployment and Value Stream Mapping; also in gap assessment for operational excellence.  Pradeep was also very helpful in coaching the Operational team and in identifying the appropriate OD interventions.

Beyond Z helped us launch and implement Six Sigma in Lapp India, by rolling out several training workshops. We began with Executive Management Training, followed by Champions Training and Green Belt Workshop for about 18 candidates.  The programs had a very high impact in the organization and the GB projects fetched great savings and improvements.

Apt understanding and analysis of Organizational requirements in pursuit of achieving operational excellence through Lean initiatives and similar improvement tools.
Very well laid down plan to work closely with all the levels of work in the organization and identifying related KPIs- -Executive score card and Matrices,-Lead time reduction,-Plant transformation.

I always admired Pradeep’s ability to handle the 6 Sigma, Lean courses, and involvement with the team. He inspires by leading real time projects. He is thorough on the subject and clear in communication. Most importantly he supports in mass value add with the people trained and has a unique follow up method, always engages with the people – good coach and a mentor.

Lean and Six Sigma training at Beyond Z Consulting aided me with my internship at Tech Tailor in the field of Operations. The concepts of lean and Six Sigma discussed during the session came handy when I was formulating SOP for Tech Tailor. Additionally, listening to the questions posed to the host by my peers in that session, who were already working for an organisation, built my understanding of the concepts stronger, as I learned how the concepts are applied in the real life scenarios. It was more of a learning session and not just another academic session. I would request Beyond  Z to continue conducting the training sessions in batches with such varied demographics as peer learning is extremely crucial these days. The highlight of the session was when our host Mr. Pradeep shared his experiences of the projects he has worked on. The training content indeed was such a great source of knowledge. I am sure the knowledge I gained from this session will help me with my future assignments

On my successful completion of the online Lean Six Sigma Certification, I would like to convey my gratitude to MBB. Mr. Pradeep Kumar, who made training interesting by quoting several examples which really helped me to understand concepts very easily. I learnt DMAIC approach, application of Lean Six Sigma tools, and gained hand-on experience on using Minitab. It was really fun learning and I would thank Mr Pradeep Kumar for guiding me during this online course.

I really enjoyed the Six Sigma Black Belt course – overall it was Excellent! The material was laid out in a user-friendly way with good examples to help illustrate and understand the concepts. I was able to understand fairly complex statistical concepts and methods without having a masters in statistics! There is an extensive amount of course material and study guide which will be excellent references for me in the future. Whenever I had any doubts regarding the training material, contacting Mr. Pradeep Kumar (MBB) via phone or E-Mail was very easy. Great institute to start Lean and Six Sigma career

Dear Pradeep, it was a very enriching and happy learning experience. right from day one, even in lock down, we enjoyed your simple but effective style of teaching with patience and constant encouragement. even though the classes were 3 hrs+, you ensured we stayed alert. The Good marks that all the attendees got, ( at the TUV GB exam ) are the testimony of your effective teaching techniques. we are confident we will use all the resources to improve our working style.

I would like to convey my gratitude to Beyond Z Consulting LLP. Mr. Pradeep Kumar taught all concepts by quoting several examples which really made training more interesting and helped me to understand concepts very easily. Learnt several topics like #dmaic approach, application of #leansixsigmatools gained hand-on experience on using #sigmaxl #mininitab. It was really fun &fantastic learning and I would thank Mr Pradeep Kumar for guiding me during this online course

Hi, this is Jayalakshmi, a Six sigma professional, working for a leading company. I would say the Lean Six Signa Green Belt training conducted by Mr.Pradeep kumar has helped me immensely in my career growth, and his guidance has helped me manage projects not only in manufacturing sector that I worked earlier in my career, but also in my current role in the Business Process Outsourcing Industry. I have been able to successfully manage process improvement projects various industry platforms. Truly grateful. Thank you.

I found the Lean Six Sigma workshop organized by Beyond Z very helpful in managing and improve the process quality and product quality at the apparel factories we work with. One of the projects I was actively involved was to reduce on line defects from 6.9% to 4% and to improve line efficiency from 60% to 85%. We used line balancing techniques of Lean and Quality Improvement techniques of the Six Sigma methodology. The factory personnel were astonished at the changes that was possible

I was very fortunate to attend BB training conducted by Mr.Pradeep in TE during Feb- May 2007. Pradeep made this training simple and effective with practical day to day examples which was exemplary. I remember we were 20 BB candidates in the session, had same feedback at the end of the training " Excellent Training ". I must say in addition to the advanced Stat tools, the soft skill sessions viz Presentation Techniques, Project Management and Leadership Skills were classic . I believe this training had a great impact in next stages of my career helping me in deploying various CI methodologies. Thank you Pradeep, i still remember your classic example " Ghar ghar mein Six Sigma " Thanks & Best Regards

I had the good fortune of choosing Beyond Z Consulting as my training provider of choice for learning Lean Six Sigma for my Green Belt certification. I had no cause to regret my choice. The training material provided is excellent. The delivery method for virtual classroom was flawless. Above everything, Pradeep Kumar, the faculty, is an expert in the subject and is an excellent teacher. He takes the student through the complications of Six Sigma methodologies and techniques and makes them simple and easy to understand. He delivers the theoretical part of the subject in a way that the student will understand and also addresses the practical applications of Six Sigma. And, finally the delight is in the cost. I was wondering if there was a mistake. But no, the cost is half of what would be normally be charged for this course elsewhere. I would unreservedly recommend the Lean Six Sigma course from Beyond Z consulting to anyone who wants to learn the subject and also wishes to get certified.

I would like to thank you for the well-organized Lean Six Sigma Black training, the training was absolutely superb and the topics covered was very interesting and the discussions were truly inspiring. I particularly enjoyed the session because of real time examples and visual illustrations and practical exercises. I have attended several trainings before but I can’t recall any of them having such a strong impact. I will surely recommend this training to all who like to lead projects and work on process transformation

During the pandemic, while analyzing the strengths and weaknesses with the management team of my organization, we came across the concept of Six Sigma. This seemed like the perfect skill to obtain in the time we had at hand. I underwent the lean six Sigma green belt training from Beyond Z under MBB Pradeep Kumar. He explained every concept in depth with immense patience. Even though my experience in my field of work is minimum, I gained clarity about how any process can be improved and made more efficient. His focused guidance before I took the exam really helped me eliminate doubts and secure a high score in my green belt exam. This experience has left me motivated to do better in my chosen field of work.

I have been associated with Pradeep of Beyondz consulting for almost 2 decades now. I have also done the Black Belt for Lean Six Sigma many years back and I have applied the principles of my learnings in Design Engineering, Manufacturing, Logistics etc., I have leveraged these learnings and have been using this on a continuous basis wherever opportunity exists. The few things that Pradeep and his team differentiates from many other consultants out there are They don’t try to impose all the tools for the sake of using it and rather use an appropriate solution for the problem statement. I could really understand the formula of usage of these tools only while applying it in practical scenarios and Pradeep and team helped here We have used some of these tools in many cost savings projects in Engineering which I had not done in the past. The commonly used tools like 7 QC tools, Statistical analysis would be taught by most of the consulting firms but usage of advanced tools like ANOVA, DOE etc., is not easy. Initially was very difficult for me & my team to apply this but then Pradeep and team ensured that we really go in depth and apply these in a right way. I can say that we saved several thousand dollars by using these tools and improving our product design by evaluating & implementing innovative solutions. I am very sure that Pradeep and team from Beyondz Consulting would add a lot of value to the business in whichever company it would be and I wish them all the very best.

I am so glad that I took up the Lean Six Sigma training conducted by Mr. Pradeep Kumar of Beyond Z Consulting. I got to learn many problem-solving tools which helped me in working with our vendors to solve problems in apparel manufacturing process. The techniques learnt also helped me to articulate the issues we face in the products and samples delivered by the factories, which enables a quick and robust solution

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  • He has personally mentored 550 individuals.
  • He has extensive practical experience and would share the cases handled in the sessions.
  • Trained by Mckinsey Consultants as a Lean Practitioner, Rock Hill-USA
  • Certified MBB in Lean and Six Sigma by SBTI, Texas.
  • He has handled on site training and consulting in global sites at Switzerland, Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Belgium, UAE, Srilanka, Thailand, China,Japan, USA and across Indian cities.
  • His online candidates include people from Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Philippines, PNG, Denmark, Lebanon, Kenya.
  • Certified as CEO Coach by completing Post Graduate Program in Executing Coaching by CFI India.
  • Executive General Management Program, IIM Bangalore.
  • M.Tech. Quality Management from BITS Pilani.


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Jaibheem Deshpande, Vice President- BD (Training Division)

Jaibheem Deshpande has more than three decades of professional experience. His expertise is in driving Shop Floor Excellence and working with young managers to enable both process improvement and continuous people development. During the last three decades Jaibheem worked in multiple roles in Operations, People development and as Human Resource Manager in many multinational companies, including the TVS group and in CK Birla Group heading Learning and Development for two plants.

He has the unique combination of Technical and Human Resource domain specialisation and has delivered superior results to organizations by being a solid business partner to business heads and CEO. He is very passionate about People Development and in Mentoring individuals and groups. He has received several awards during his career and is certified in Out bound training and Facilitation


Abraham has more than two decades of experience in Quality Management and Operations, including designing quality, environmental and health & safety management systems, managing industrial engineering activities and heading a Plant.  He is an expert auditor of quality systems and in working with teams to implement robust processes that is sustainable.  Having worked in Aerospace and Automotive industry he understands the Industry requirements and is very meticulous in his approach in implementing the required standards.  He is also a trained Lean practitioner and support training and implementing Lean Manufacturing Systems. He also conducts Yellow belt Six Sigma training and supports Green belt training.

M.BALAJI, Principal Consultant, Management Systems

Balaji is a Mechanical Engineer with four decades of experience with the last thirteen years in Management consultancy.  His expertise is in Management Systems, with extensive experience in training, auditing and supporting implementation of Quality and Environmental Management systems.  He is also a qualified tool designer from NTTF and GTTC.

Balaji keeps abreast of the latest changes in international standards for implementing quality management systems and is a Lead Auditor for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 9001, ISO 45001, ISO 22163. Also auditor for  IATF 16949.  He is a  Lead Assessor for EXIM Bank award for Business Excellence model .  With more than a decade of experience in management consulting, he has conducted 600 man-days of training and 250 man-days of audits; working with more than 35 clients.

Pradeep Kumar, Chief Executive

Pradeep Kumar has about three decades of professional experience against his name.  With multi-location and multi-cultural exposure paired with a Master Black Belt in Six Sigma & Lean, Pradeep’s core expertise comes from over a decade of specialization in a large multinational manufacturing company. He is a Certified MBB in Lean and Six Sigma by SBTI, Texas and trained by Mckinsey Consultants as a Lean Practitioner in Rock Hill-USA.

He currently works with large multinational companies, helping them drive Operational Excellence and implement lean strategies. Pradeep also guides senior leadership towards excellence in execution. He has trained candidates in Lean & Six Sigma in India, China, Japan, Thailand, Europe, Middle East, Sri Lanka and the USA; and mentored more than 500 Engineers and Managers in Lean & Six Sigma in India and overseas.  His expertise lies in understanding gaps in current systems, designing more effective processes and mentoring teams to swiftly achieve organizational goals