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We improve business execution and decrease your costs.   When we work with you, your needs, challenges and aspirations become our priorities. You could be anyone from a CEO to a manager running operations, design, sales, finance or any other function in an organization – if you have an operational challenge or vision, we’ll help you overcome odds to attain success.   With us, what you get is improved productivity and profitability; enhanced organizational capabilities and retained customers.



Moments of Truth

The ‘Moments of Truth’ workshop is a discussion with the top management on how an organization is aligned to its ‘True North’. How are the company’s Visions, Missions and Goals translated to key initiatives and measures and how are these deployed throughout the organization is what we’ll cover.


Our main objective will be to examine growth and share details on some of the best practices across all industries.  We’ll also cover discussions on ‘capability building’ as opposed to just training;  and  what might be a robust approach in identifying development needs based on functional requirements and long term development of competencies as one moves up levels in an organization.



Additionally, we’ll  deliberate on metrics and make suggestions to use some of the most powerful metrics in pursuing the path to Productivity & Profitability.   The workshop is highly interactive and its duration can vary anywhere between two hours to half a day.  The workshop is free. (In case of venues outside Bangalore, only travel expenses need to be paid for the consultant.)


As a workshop and a priority, we’d like to believe ‘Moments of Truth’ is that change you’ve always been looking for.

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