Concept Development; Design Product and Process; Optimization; Production and Process Verification; the disciplined process for managing design for Six Sigma projects.

An arrangement of people, machines, materials and methods with processing steps placed right next to each other in sequential order through which parts are processed in a continuous flow.

A business leader who facilitates leadership, implementation and deployment of continuous improvement initiatives and projects.

Change Over Time
The internal stopped machine time difference between the completion of a last good part from a factory order running on a machine to the first good part on the next factory order.

A written commitment by management stating the scope of authority for an improvement group. Resources, including time and money, are specifically addressed.

Common Cause
A source of process variation that is inherent to the process and is common to all data.

Confidence Interval
An interval that can be said, with X% certainty, to contain the true process mean or standard deviation. For example: “We are 95% confident that the true process mean is in the interval”; or “Approximately 95 out of a 100 CI’s will contain the population parameter”.

Control Plan
Process documentation that describes the system for controlling processes and products.

CTQ ( Critical to Quality)
A condition that must be met in order for the process or product to satisfy the most important customer requirements.

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