Divya Malikarjun Chitte
PGP student, IIM Jammu

Lean and Six Sigma training at Beyond Z Consulting aided me with my internship at Tech Tailor in the field of Operations. The concepts of lean and Six Sigma discussed during the session came handy when I was formulating SOP for Tech Tailor. Additionally, listening to the questions posed to the host by my peers in that session, who were already working for an organisation, built my understanding of the concepts stronger, as I learned how the concepts are applied in the real life scenarios. It was more of a learning session and not just another academic session. I would request Beyond  Z to continue conducting the training sessions in batches with such varied demographics as peer learning is extremely crucial these days. The highlight of the session was when our host Mr. Pradeep shared his experiences of the projects he has worked on. The training content indeed was such a great source of knowledge. I am sure the knowledge I gained from this session will help me with my future assignments

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