Pradeep Kumar, Chief Catalyst
Pradeep Kumar, BeyondZ’s chief catalyst, has over two decades of professional experience against his name. With multi-location and multi-cultural exposure paired with a Master Black Belt in Six Sigma & Lean, Pradeep’s proficiency comes from over a decade of specialization in a large multinational manufacturing company.


Pradeep enjoys the distinction of being called on by global business leaders to solve complex problems aligned to strategic goals at business units across India, China and Europe. He enjoys working with different cultures and locations while also improving systems, processes and people. Pradeep has worked with all levels of management and business execution to enhance associated courses of action. His expertise lies in understanding gaps in current systems, designing more effective processes and mentoring teams to swiftly achieve organizational goals.



Maya Pradeep, COO & Designated Partner

Maya is the Chief Operating Officer and focuses on business development and commercial activities.  Maya enjoys setting up and running business and brings a rich experience of working in several Indian and multinational companies in managing business, costing, sourcing, and procurement, marketing and sales.  Networking and building partnerships is also one of her key strengths.


Jaibheem Deshpande, Principal Consultant- Shop Floor Excellence

Jaibheem Deshpande has more than three decades of professional experience. His expertise is in driving Shop Floor Excellence and working with young managers to enable both process improvement and continuous people development. During the last three decades Jaibheem worked in multiple roles in Operations, People development and as Human Resource Manager in many multinational companies, including the TVS group and in CK Birla Group heading Learning and Development for two plants.

He has the unique combination of Technical and Human Resource domain specialisation and has delivered superior results to organizations by being a solid business partner to business heads and CEO.He is very passionate about People Development and in Mentoring individuals and groups.He has received several awards during his career and is certified in Out bound training and Facilitation


Ram Mohan, Principal Lean Consultant

Ram, the champion of lean and kaizen breakthrough methodology, has over 30 years of progressive operations and leadership experience. As a consultant, Ram has extensively worked with the engineering and apparel companies as Senior Management Consultant in India, USA, Canada, SA, China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka


Ram facilitated transforming client’s business performance to unprecedented levels. He is an expert at enhancing operational efficiency and performance improvement through Lean deployment in key processes across the entire value chain. Ram has experience in change management at both the business leadership and shop floor levels.

He is fluent in Japanese and learned the Toyota Production System directly from his work and studies in Japan and USA earlier in his career.



Sivakumar Viswanathan, Principal Consultant- IT Sector

Siva is an expert in  Lean and Quality in the IT Services business. He has worked with top tier IT services companies, and has also managed IS of mid-sized organizations. He is an expert in designing and implementing quality systems in IT companies and also in implementing Lean methodology in IT space.  Throughout his career, transformations and managing change has been a constant theme; and he has effectively used Lean and Six Sigma in transformation programs. He is also a certified SAFe 4.0 Agilist.


He is passionate about training and has authored several training materials.  With rich experience in IT operations as well as implementing continuous improvement methodologies in the IT sector, Shiva is actively engaged in looking beyond the bend for Next Practices



Abraham Mathews, Senior Consultant

Abraham has more than two decades of experience in Quality Management and Operations, including designing quality, environmental and health & safety management systems, managing industrial engineering activities and heading a Plant.  He is an expert auditor of quality systems and in working with teams to implement robust processes that is sustainable.  Having worked in Aerospace and Automotive industry he understands the Industry requirements and is very meticulous in his approach in implementing the required standards.  He is also a trained Lean practitioner and support training and implementing Lean Manufacturing Systems. He also conducts Yellow belt Six Sigma training and supports Green belt training.


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